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Vitakraft Cuttlefish Bone

Vitakraft Cuttlefish Bone

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If someone has any caged birds or aviary birds, they must know these birds do need special care and the right kind of food that promotes good health. Just like we (human) feed our babies milk for stronger bones, birds should be fed with these cuttlebone bird food. This bird food is a powerhouse of dietary calcium, helps in healthy egg production, promotes healthy behaviour and eliminates issues like feather chewing or plucking. Buy cuttlefish bones that are 100% natural and have been cleaned, washed, and then desalted to ensure that your birds get the finest quality food. The bones contain lime and are brought to you without any preservatives or addition of antioxidants. Available in a pack of 2 bones, they are equipped with a handy holder, so you can easily and conveniently reach your bird’s cage. A great source of added minerals, you can serve the bones to your birds using this amazing alternative method – put it on their cage’s bottom and let them push and toss the bones. This exercise will help polish their beak, and also offer a nice amount of calcium when taken. If not like this, you can also break the bones into small pieces and use it a topper for their daily food. That way they will consume the required amount of calcium and minerals for feather growth and healthy bones. Easy for the birds to consume in numerous ways, these cuttlebones will surely be loved by your little birdies, while their nutritious profile gives them a satisfying eating experience.

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