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Walter Harrisons

Walter Harrisons Premier Wild Bird Mix

Walter Harrisons Premier Wild Bird Mix

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Walter Harrison's Premier Wild Bird Mix . The Premier Wild Bird Mix from Walter Harrison's is formulated with its widest selection of 15 premium quality, 100% palatable ingredients including sunflower hearts, meaning no waste or mess in the garden. This 100% wheat free mix will discourage pigeons and doves from visiting feeding areas meaning more food for smaller birds. This bird food is popular with blackbirds, house sparrows, coal tits, blue tits, great tits, chaffinches, dunnocks, robins, thrushes and greenfinches. Attracts a variety of garden birds. Specially selected wheat free mix, suitable for feeding all year round. Can be fed from a seed feeder, bird table or on the ground. Ingredients: Cut Maize, Red Dari, Yellow Millet, Red Millet, Pinhead Oatmeal, Black Sunflower, Sunflower Hearts, Canary Seed, Buckwheat, Safflower Seed, Linseed, Peanut Granules, Nyger, Hemp & Soya Oil.

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