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Wild Things Hedgehog Food 2kg

Wild Things Hedgehog Food 2kg

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Wild Things Hedgehog Food is a specially selected tasty blend of dried fruit berries nuts and crunchy nuggets that your Hedgehogs will love. Wild Things Hedgehog Food provides a variety of texture and taste and is unappealing to most Cats and Dogs so your Hedgehog can enjoy all his tasty food. It is a complementary food for wild hedgehogs A selected blend of black soldier fly larvae, dried fruit and crunchy nuggets that hedgehogs love but cats and dogs don't! A convenient and economical way of supporting your garden's wildlife, WildThings Hedgehog Food, together with a dish of water, provides the perfect addition to nature's fare. Best placed in a quiet corner of your garden each evening, hedgehogs will quickly learn where to be and at what time, and will soon become regular visitors. Features Tasty blend of dried fruit, berries, nuts and crunchy nuggets Luxury blend of dried fruit, insects and meat Unappealing to cats and dogs Provides a variety of tastes and textures A complementary food for wild hedgehogs. 

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