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Decapitated Swans Could Be victims of Croydon Cat Killer

The so-called Croydon Cat Killer has been linked to the mutilation and death of some 400 pets. The attacks began in the Croydon area but there have been incidents across London and beyond which have been linked to the same perpetrator. Initially only cats were targeted but rabbits and other pets have since fallen prey to the depraved killer.

Mutilated Pets

The attacks have largely followed the same pattern. Animals are killed and mutilated and then left on display, usually close to or at their owners’ homes. The police are involved in tracking down the guilty party who they believe travels for their work due to the widespread crime scenes. They also feel that the killer is from Addiscombe as this is where the offences began.

Dead Birds Discovered

A number of swans have been found decapitated in Thamesmead, south-east London. Bodies have been found near two lakes and local residents think that the Croydon Cat Killer has moved on to attacking birds. Thamesmead, near Woolwich, is just 14 miles from Addiscombe which is east of Croydon.

Thamesmead Killings

At least 10 swans have been found decapitated and with their breasts opened up in recent weeks. Locals initially believed that foxes had attacked the birds but the killings are similar in nature to the work of the Cat Killer. A patrol group has now been set up to protect the birds at Southmere and Birchmere Lakes. The group work in shifts in an attempt to protect the birds all day and after dark.

The dead swans had been discovered in various locations around the lake. People began to realise that something was seriously wrong when two were found gutted and butchered for their breast meat. The bodies were left on the side of the lake. Last week patrollers found three dead cygnets and a decapitated goose. It had looked as if the presence of the patrol had stopped the killings but the latest bodies were found at a second lake.

Copycat Killer?

It is impossible to know at this stage whether the dead birds are the work of the Croydon Cat Killer or a copycat offender. The offences could even be completely unrelated to the other crimes. The patrol group are also unsure as to exactly how many birds have been killed but there appear to be far fewer swans around the two lakes than there were previously.

Searching for Clues

Police haven’t managed to turn up any clues as to the identity of the Croydon Cat Killer who works under cover of darkness. Whoever it is, has committed offences across the country, although most of the crimes have taken place in London and the home counties. If he or she has moved on to birds, there could be many more victims as there are thousands of parks and lakes to target, most of which are deserted at night.

The killer is going to be very hard to catch. Keep your eyes peeled and report any suspicious activity at parks and lakes near you!


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