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Parrot Discovered in Wetherspoons Pub

Your parrot requires a balanced diet, the right caged bird minerals and a lot of attention. What it probably does not need is a beer!

Lost Property

It is hard to imagine why anyone would take their parrot to the pub with them but staff at a branch of Wetherspoons in Bradford believe that this is exactly what one of their customers decided to do last month. A parrot in a pub is potentially problematic for a variety of reasons especially when its owner forgets to take it home again!

Staff at the Sir Titus Salt pub discovered a parrot in the rafters of the building and presumed that it had been left behind by one of the customers. This would have been a rather curious oversight to say the least! The bird refused to come down from the ceiling despite the best efforts of the bar tenders who then posted an appeal for the parrot’s owner to collect their bird.

"Did you bring your parrot to the pub & forget to take it home? Please come and collect her we have spent all morning with bird seed & water trying to lure her down".

Photographs of the parrot were also published in an attempt to jog the memory of the forgetful patron.

Enthusiastic Shopper

The cry for help prompted several people to contact the pub with ideas to help capture the bird. These proved unnecessary as, after enjoying a meal of bird seed and a drink of water, the parrot eventually flew out of the door. It has since been seen flying round the area and has even visited a shop across the road from the pub. Nobody has claimed the animal which appears to be healthy and well-fed.

Escape Artist

Some of the locals have suggested that the parrot might not be a pet at all but rather one of the wild specimens which inhabit nearby Northcliffe Woods. But it seems unlikely that the small bird would attempt to travel so far. Perhaps he really did just fancy a beer! As he was flying into shops, maybe these were familiar territory and he was an escapee from a pet shop.

Teetotal Parrots

If you keep a parrot then it is perhaps best left at home when you go out for that swift half. Pubs are not a parrot’s natural habitat. Leave them at home and feed them that they need and they won’t end up looking for a quick fix at the local!


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