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Take a Gander at These Geese Fighting Back!

Geese and swans can be extremely feisty as I found out as a young child. I slipped whilst walking around the edge of a pond and ended up in the water. A nearby swan was less than amused by my sudden invasion of his territory and promptly clamped his beak around my big toe! I have been rather wary of large birds ever since.

Swashbuckling Swan

Unfortunately, I was attacked by another swan a few years ago. This time my crime was to attempt to enter the clubhouse of a golf course to pay my green fees. As I put my hand on the handle of the door, a swan which had been wandering around near the entrance, flew into a rage and started madly pecking at me. A member of staff had to beat it off with a chair! I have no idea how I managed to upset that bird!

Inciting Trouble

I was the victim of two attacks which I had done little to incite. However, some kids do like to provoke birds and these episodes rarely end well! This week a video of two tots has gone viral after it was posted on Worldstarhiphop. The youngsters decided to mess with some geese and the geese predictably fought back.

Bird Brains

In the video, a little girl can be seen kicking out at the geese which were just minding their own business in a park. The adult filming the incident, presumably the child’s parent, does nothing to stop her. A fact which has enraged many people and prompted a raft of critical comments.

The girl, who was ironically wearing a t shirt bearing the slogan "You’re so cute", goads the geese and then the agitated birds start to chase her. One goose even manages to get its beak around the girl’s hair. The child screams but is able to escape. Whoever is behind the camera keeps filming.

Double Trouble

Then, a toddler appears and also decides to head for the geese. This little girl prods at them with a stick. The geese are now clearly extremely irritated and chase her. The girl is knocked to the ground and the birds peck at her until she is rescued. But she taunts the geese with a stick again! The person behind the camera can be heard laughing.

No Joke

One wonders how anyone could find a bird attacking their child amusing. It is even more strange that they would choose to post the footage online. The video attracted many comments, most of them less than complimentary and almost all of them siding with the birds.

Children should surely be taught to respect animals and certainly to avoid provoking those who may attack them. What would the parents have done if the kids had discovered a grizzly bear instead of the geese? Kick one of those or poke it with a stick and a family video will soon become a horror movie.


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