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The First 7-Egg Box

It was World Egg Day recently and yes there is such a thing! It might be an occasion which usually passes you by, even if you keep chickens. In fact, it is a celebration which passes most of the world by. But not Classic FM as it turns out!

Classical Music and Eggs

You are probably wondering what a classical music radio station has to do with eggs. There is a connection between eggs and classical music so bear with us! Recent research conducted by a team at Bristol University demonstrated that chickens which listen to classical music produce more eggs. 6% more eggs to be precise.

The results of the research were backed up by an experiment conducted at New Home Farm in Pembrokeshire. Lyn and Carol Jenkinson, who own the farm, played Classic FM to the chickens in one of their sheds for two weeks whilst the chickens in another shed were not treated to the music. The chickens exposed to Classic FM laid the most eggs. Strange but true!

World Egg Day

New Home Farm supplies Clarence Court Eggs. To celebrate World Egg Day, Classic FM teamed up with Clarence Court Eggs to create the first 7-egg boxes. Produced as a limited edition of 250, the boxes were hexagonal, recyclable and biodegradable. So that’s all right then!

The boxes of eggs were handed out to commuters at London’s Waterloo Station. Classic FM have said that they chose to give the eggs to commuters to encourage them to listen to Classic FM as it would boost their productivity at work!

For their part, Clarence Court Eggs have stated that they might make the 7-egg boxes a permanent feature if their customers like the idea.

The Humble Egg Box

It is quite fascinating that have changed so little over the years. Many every-day items have been completely transformed or phased out altogether, but the humble egg box has remained the same for decades.

Birds and Beethoven

It isn’t just birds who appreciate a little Beethoven. According to research from the University of Leicester, cows that listened to the Pastoral Symphony yielded on average 1.3 more pints of milk a day than those which had been made to listen to The Beatles! It was found that Beethoven’s music made them feel more relaxed.

Playing Chicken

Classic FM paid homage to the new 7-egg box on their breakfast show. On World Egg Day, the playlist had a poultry theme and included Beethoven’s Egmont Overture, Respighi’s Prelude to The Birds and the soundtrack of the animated film Chicken Run.

If you keep chickens, have you tried playing them classical music? If so, did your hens lay more
eggs? If your chicken shed doesn’t have a sound system then it might be about time that it did! Poultry and Puccini are clearly a great mix. Eggscellent!


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