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Large Reward Offered for Stolen Bird Bath

If you are a fan of the television series Homicide Detective, then you could be forgiven for thinking that the city of Colorado Springs is a rather dangerous place to live. For those who haven’t seen the programme, the various episodes explain how retired detective, Joe Kenda, solved some of cases in his long career. The opening credits announce that Kenda managed to solve almost 400 homicides in Colorado Springs!

Crime Making the Headlines

So crime is certainly an issue in Colorado Springs but thefts don’t often make the headlines. However, recently, one particular theft did make the news and the story involved a bird bath! This is not a case which would have required the skills of Joe Kenda but one which does illustrate that anything that isn’t nailed down could take a walk from your garden.

Buried in Concrete

Actually, the bird bath in question wasn’t so much nailed down as concreted in but the thief still managed to magic it away. The bird bath was of great sentimental value to its owner who has now offered a $2000 reward for its return.

Bird Bath Memorial

When Melinda Poland’s mother died, her father bought Melinda and her two sisters a bird bath each as a memorial. Only 100 of this particular design were ever made and so they were comparatively valuable but Melinda isn’t concerned about the money. She is upset because the piece kept memories of her mother alive.

Heavyweight Bird Bath

Unfortunately, Melinda got up one morning in December to discover that the bird bath was missing. There was just a hole in the ground where it had once stood. It had been located in her front garden and was removed during the night. As it was buried in concrete and weighed 90kgs, Melinda is sure that the bird bath was specifically targeted and that the theft had been carefully planned.

Public Display

Melinda Poland had positioned the bird bath in her front garden rather than behind the house so that other people in the neighbourhood could also enjoy it. But this has turned out to be a mistake. Thieves may not have known about the bath had it been hidden away or would have been reluctant to move it from a site so far from the street.

There are no clues as to who took the bird bath and the police are appealing for information. Perhaps they need Joe Kenda after all! Melinda feels that the crime must have been committed by a stranger but you just never know.
If you have a bird bath that you treasure for any reason, then keep it out of public view and make sure that your garden is secure. Even the heaviest baths can be removed and you are unlikely to ever see them again.


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