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Why Are Budgies the Most Popular Pet Birds in the World?

When it comes to pet birds, budgies are top of the pops, but why have these diminutive birds always been so popular?

Budgerigars are one of the smallest parrot species in their world. They were first imported to Britain in 1840 and their natural colouring is green and yellow. Numerous mutations in captive bred birds have resulted in blue, white, yellow and grey parrots being common in captivity.

Size Matters

Budgies undoubtedly became popular due to their compact size and beautiful colours. Owners don’t need a lot of space or special facilities to keep a budgie and so these birds have always been an excellent choice when other pets simply could not be accommodated. Their playful personalities and ability to talk makes them natural entertainers and excellent company for the lonely.

Excellent Talkers

Male budgies are particularly good talkers, indeed a bird called Puck was recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the bird with the broadest vocabulary in the world. Puck had mastered an incredible 1728 different words. Another budgie called Sparky Williams had an impressive repertoire of 8 nursery rhymes, 360 phrases and over 550 words.

Going Cheap

Budgies are easy to care for and much less demanding than some of their larger cousins. They breed well in captivity and this has meant that specimens are readily available. They tend to be relatively cheap and unfortunately that does result in many people taking on the birds without considering the implications. Budgies are often cast aside when the novelty has worn off. The birds are purchased on a whim because they are inexpensive and then they are simply cast aside.


If you are not around all day to provide company for your budgie, then these birds are best kept in pairs. Budgies are intelligent birds and so are easily bored. Daily interaction is important if they are to remain happy and tame. Their cage should feature plenty of toys and attractions and they need regular exercise and play.

Sadly, many of these little birds don’t get the care and attention that they need. They are cheap and so can be incredibly undervalued by their keepers. To make matters worse, budgies are not as popular as they used to be. Pet owners now have an incredible array of species to choose from and beautiful budgerigars can be easily overlooked.


These birds may be familiar sites and so seem a little less exciting and exotic than some other species. It is a case of familiarity having bred contempt. But budgies are great starter pets, are ideal for owners in small properties and make excellent companions for lonely people. These birds should be highly valued but all too often they are not.


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