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Wild Bird Feeders

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Supa Fat Ball Feeder With Tray Supa Fat Ball Feeder With Tray
Supa Fat Ball Feeder With Tray for Standard Fat Balls The Supa Premium Fat Ball Feeder is an all metal construction and has been specifically designed for the feeding of both netted and un-netted Fat Balls. The base tray acts as a supplementry feeding station and guards against debris falling to the ground with the potential to attract unwanted guests. Always site hanging feeder away from Nest Box…
Flutter Butter Bird Feeder Flutter Butter Bird Feeder
Flutter Butter Bird Feeder A whole new way to feed garden birds Give birds a nutty protein boost with our Flutter Butter™ Feeder. It couldnt be simpler: just twist in a 330g jar of calorie-packed, low-salt Flutter Butter™ and hang the feeder from a handy tree branch or hook. No-mess jar swaps take just seconds. Smart design Hang from supplied chain Quick, easy jar swaps with a simple twist Dimensi…
Goldfinch Finder Goldfinch Finder new
Goldfinch Finder™ Tempt these beautiful finches into your garden Goldfinches have been one of Britain's biggest back garden success stories over the last decade. Wildlife organisations agree that much of the spread in goldfinch populations is down to you. These distinctive, mellifluously-voiced finches love niger - the tiny, shiny black seed that's also a magnet for other small-billed birds. See i…
Supa Dried Mealworm Feeder with Tray Supa Dried Mealworm Feeder with Tray
Supa Dried Mealworm Feeder with Tray This versatile feeder is designed to cover all permutations associated with dispensing this popular food. It can be hung in the usual manner from a tree,washing line or hook. Also due to the design of the base, the feeder can be placed on a length of dowel driven into the ground. The scattering of mealworms on the large base tray acts as an intial attractant an…
Flutter Butter Treehouse Hanging Feeder For Pods Flutter Butter Treehouse Hanging Feeder For Pods new
Flutter Butter Treehouse Hanging Feeder For Pod Specially made for Flutter Butter® Pods Hang this attractive wooden feeder from a tree branch or hook using the supplied stainless steel chain. Made for Flutter Butter® Pods, every Treehouse Feeder opens up plenty of extra dining options. They're hand-made in treated Pine, with a distinctive pitched roof that protects Pods and feeding birds from rain…
Gardman Robin and Small Bird Feeder (A01327) Gardman Robin and Small Bird Feeder (A01327) new
Gardman Robin and Small Bird Feeder A plastic feeder suitable for feeding all seed mixes, black sunflower, peanut bites, suet treats and mealworm Height 15cm, Holds 110g Seed Mix, 100g Peanut Bites, 80g Sunflower Seed, 110g Peanuts, 160g Suet Treats or 40g Mealworms
Supa Block Feeder With Tray Supa Block Feeder With Tray
Supa Block Feeder With Tray The Supa Premium Suet Block / Scrap Feeder with Tray has been specifically designed for the feeding of Suet Blocks & Scraps but can also be used for Fruit, Seed Blocks etc . The base tray acts as a supplementry feeding station and guards against debris falling to the ground with the potential to attract unwanted guests. Always site hanging feeder away from Nest Boxes an…
Extra Select Seed Feeder 4 Port (30cm) Extra Select Seed Feeder 4 Port (30cm)
Easy to fill and maintain seed feeder for wild birds.
Gardman Heavy Duty Large Seed Feeder Gardman Heavy Duty Large Seed Feeder
Gardman Large Heavy Duty Bird Feeder Seed Polished cast aluminium feeder for all types of seed mix, sunflower seed and peanut bites Fully Disassembles for easy cleaning Feedsafe biocidal coating kills bacteria on contact Height 33cm, Holds 600g Seed Mix, 580g Peanut Bites or 430g of Sunflower Seed
Gardman Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Gardman Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
Plastic coated wire cage designed to exclude squirrels and larger birds like PigeonsPolycarbonate tube suitable for any seed mix2 portsHolds 410g seed mix approx
Black Mini Deluxe Steel Peanut Feeder Black Mini Deluxe Steel Peanut Feeder sale
Black Mini Deluxe Steel Peanut Feeder Our black steel peanut feeder offers an extremely robust design is made from powder coated steel and wire mesh for an extra long life. The wire mesh silo will house approximately 240g of peanuts and will steadily replenish the feeding base as it is removed.
Gardman Black Steel Sunflower Heart Feeder Gardman Black Steel Sunflower Heart Feeder new
Gardman Black Steel Sunflower Heart Feeder Gardman Black Steel Sunflower Heart Feeder is a durable metal feeder for sunflower hearts Quick-release top and base for easy filling and cleaning FeedSafe uses Biomaster antimicrobial technology preventing the spread of microbes and germs Fill with sunflower hearts Why Use Gardman Black Steel Sunflower Hearts Feeder is an easy to use, durable metal feede…
Get Set Go - 2 Port Seed Feeder Green 175mm Get Set Go - 2 Port Seed Feeder Green 175mm
Get Set Go - 2 Port Seed Feeder Green 175mm These personality packed feeders make a great introduction to the fascinating world of wild birdcare, with a choice of four colourful models for seeds, peanuts, niger and suet. Don’t be fooled by the remarkable price. They’re proper bird feeders right from the word go, with a quick-release base and lots more clever design features you’d expect from far m…
Henry Bell Heritage Collection Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder Henry Bell Heritage Collection Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder new
Henry Bell Heritage Collection Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder Part of the Heritage Collection, a large, strong and stylish squirrel proof seed feeder that can hold 275g of our Superior Seed Mix and is designed to hold all seed mixes and sunflower seeds. The feeder features a robust and easy lift lid, alongside bird friendly perches and an angled based to support the easy flow of seed. Created in alumi…
Supa Suet Pellet Feeder 12 inch Supa Suet Pellet Feeder 12 inch
Supa Suet Pellet Feeder 12 inch The feeder is designed so that the birds can feed from the wire mesh section whilst the larger plastic reservoir ensures that food is kept dry until required
Supa Wild Bird Seed Feeder 16 inch 6 Port Supa Wild Bird Seed Feeder 16 inch 6 Port
Supa Wild Bird Seed Feeder 16 inch 6 Port Feeder for dispensing Seed Feeds for Garden Birds.May be supplied with a seed port with either a short sided perch or long sided perch .
Supa 4 Standard Fat Ball Feeder Supa 4 Standard Fat Ball Feeder
Supa 4 Standard Fat Ball Feeder 9"/23cm Standard Fat Ball Feeder Feeding Dispenser designed to take 4 x 100gm Fat Balls.
The Squirrel Buster The Squirrel Buster
The Squirrel Buster®100% guaranteed! Specially designed for offering seeds and blends, this brilliant feeder shows squirrels that you're the boss. Birds can feed freely, but squirrels are shut out by the clever mechanism that adjusts in seconds to exclude bigger birds like pigeons, too. With lots more clever touches - like comfortable perches and a unique Seed Ventilation System for fresher food -…
Suet Log Feeder Suet Log Feeder
Specially designed suet log feeder made from recycled wood waste (min 50% and a recycled polymer to give durability).Each feeder holds 6 suet logs.
Supa Feeder Tray Supa Feeder Tray
Supa Feeder Tray This seed feeder tray is designed to fit several feeders in the Supa range namely the 3 sizes of Seed Feeders (8", 12" & 16" - codes 712/715/716) the Niger Feeder (780) and the new Peanut Feeder (711/12). There are several benefits to be gained from the addition of the seed tray - by preventing debris and food reaching the ground it will help deter vermin and seeding. The tray can…
Supa Metal Niger Feeder 8 inch Supa Metal Niger Feeder 8 inch
Supa Metal Niger Feeder 8 inch High quality Metal Niger Seed Feeder available at value for money prices. Available in a range of finishes.
Squirrel Buster Mini 600ml Squirrel Buster Mini 600ml
Squirrel Buster® Mini100% guaranteed! Perfectly sized for smaller gardens but every bit as effective as its larger Classic sibling. The weight of raiding squirrels automatically blocks access to feeder ports. Squirrel Buster®'s patented Seed Tube Ventilation System lets fresh air enter seed ports and openings at the base of the feeder. Hot, humid air escapes at the top, keeping seed fresh and appe…
Gardman Wild Bird Water Drinker (A01521) Gardman Wild Bird Water Drinker (A01521)
Essential for birds health in hot, dry or freezing weather. This wild bird drinker includes a self flushing system to keep the water clean and free from contamination. Holds 770ml of water and is easy to refill with a simple screw release.
I Love Robins Feeder Large I Love Robins Feeder Large new
I Love Robins Feeder Love Robins® FeederClassic design brought right up to date Some classics get even better with age - like our beautiful take on this ever popular feeder. Fill with I Love Robins®, seeds, mealworms, suet balls or even table scraps. Then hang anywhere in your garden and get ready to enjoy the show. There's lots of room for birds to perch and feed in comfort, with the curvaceously…
Extra Select Niger Seed Feeder 20cm Extra Select Niger Seed Feeder 20cm
Easy to fill plastic Niger Seed feeder with tray and two sets of perches.

Please Support British birds by using garden bird feeders

You can always rely on Little Peckers to bring you an impressive range of wild bird feeders at the lowest prices. Our feeders help you to support our native wild birds and will attract an exciting variety of species to your garden.

IN THE MIX OR GOING NUTS? Either way, we've got a hanging bird feeder for you!

We offer a diverse collection of wild bird feeders to suit your chosen feeds including window feeders, hanging bird feeders and squirrel proof bird feeders. Whether you favour wild bird mix, peanuts, sunflower hearts or niger seeds, we have the perfect wild bird feeders for your garden. Better still, why not provide a variety foods? You can buy them all here at Little Peckers and at the lowest prices. We also offers a range of bird feeder poles. These are great because they enable you to place feeders anywhere in your garden.

Squirrel proof bird feeders - we've got your covered

Many people love feeding the garden birds but not necessarily the squirrels too! Squirrels are very intelligent creatures and have become very accustomed and familiar with many bird feeders and often see them as an easy source of food. Squirrels are very athletic creatures too and can easily climb or jump to reach a feeder. Furthermore, they have very sharp teeth that are capable of chewing through metal feeders. But don't despair! Luckily, we have a superb range of squirrel proof or squirrel resistant seed, suet and peanut hanging and ground feeders. By investing in a good quality squirrel proof feeder from a reputable rand like Jacobi Jayne or Gardman, you can limit the amount of bird food being gobbled up by squirrels and increase the amount the garden birds get to eat. Moreover, as squirrels are relatively heavy animals and can be quite agressive in their pursuit of a meal, this can result in significant damage to your bird feeder(s).

Squirrels really are crafty!

We have many types of squirrel proof feeders available, with different design elements being employed in order to prevent the squirrels stealing your nuts!

Spring-Loaded bird feeders to deter squirrels

Numerous squirrel proof bird feeders use a clever mechanism whereby it much greater weight of the squirrel is used to their disadvantage in order to prevent them from stealing your bird food. To put it into perspective, the average small garden bird such as a robin or blue tit typically weighs around 15-30 grams, whereas a squirrel can weight anything from 600 grams upward. Once a squirrel jumps on the feeder and the weight limit is exceeded, then the shutter will rapidly close and seal the feeder shut. Sounds great doesn't it! However, it is important to advise that this type of feeder isn't completely squirrel proof as some customers have reported that squirrels adapt their behaviour and sometimes hang upside down from the base of the feeder.

Squirrel proof caged bird feeders

You can also purchase caged bird feeders. These are usually standard feeders which can be filled with seeds, nuts or suet, with a metal cage wrapped around. This stops squirrels from fitting through the gaps in the cage and prevents them from accessing the bird food. As mentioned above, squirrels have neen known to chew through the metal cages, so it is not 100% squirrel proof. However, it was usually deter all but the most determined and hungry squirrel!

Squirrel Baffles

Squirrel Baffles prevent squirrels from pinching bird feed. They are essentially a clear perspex dome which fits over a bird feeder. When a squirrel lands on the baffle, they will most likley loose their balance and slip off due to the smooth plastic and also because the baffle wobbles and moves from side to side. You can view our range of squirrel baffles here.

Spinning squirrel proof feeders

Recently, spinning feeders have started to become more popular. There are an updated version of the traditional squirrel baffle which has a weight activated battery powered motor which causes the feeder to start spinning rapidly, sending an un-expecting squirrel flying off as they become very dizzy dizzy and lose their balance and footing. Don't worry, the squirrels will land safely afterward and no harm will be done. They might try again a few times, but they are likely to look for an easier target soon after.

The only downside with these feeders is the fact that they require batteries which adds an additional expense and maintenace element to feeding the birds. They are also more expensive that traditional feeders, but many customers think they are well worth the investment.

Bird seed feeders for those feeling a little seedy!

Here at Little Peckers, we have a huge range of wild bird seed feeders from top brands. We are wild bird experts, and we have hand-picked the best feeders out there. Wild bird seeds need to be stored in a feeder so that little beaks can access them, but other garden visitors such as squirrels and foxes can’t. Feeding garden birds is a wonderful experience, it gives you the opportunity to watch wild birds in your garden and contribute to their survival. Browse through our selection of premium feeders or find out more information below.

Different types of seed feeders

There are four main types of feeder available, seed, peanut, suet and squirrel proof feeders. Seed feeders are suitable for all different sorts of seeds for wild birds. Our range includes hanging bird feeders, heavy duty cage feeders, feeders for trees, donut feeders, tube feeders, window feeders and metal mesh feeders.

We offer feeders in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes to suit your requirements. The type of feeder you need depends on what sort of birds you want to attract to your garden, for example some birds like to feed on bird tables whereas others prefer feeders attached to trees. If you are unsure which feeder to buy, contact our experts now for advice.

Pay Peanuts for our range of Peanut bird feeders!

Peanuts for wild birds need to be stored in a feeder. This is because the wire mesh around them stops smaller birds from taking whole peanuts, which could cause them to choke. The mesh also helps to protect the peanuts from hungry squirrels who try to steal your bird food. Providing bird food in specially designed feeders can help wild birds survive through times when food is scarce. Well sell a range of premium peanut feeders for wild bird enthusiasts. As wild bird experts, we know which peanut feeders are most suitable for the birds in your garden. Our peanut feeders for wild birds are stylish, durable and 100% safe for your feathered friends.

Different types of peanut feeders

We have a selection of different feeders to meet your specific requirements. Some people prefer different shapes and sizes of feeder, you can get practical or stylish feeders to suit your garden. Our range includes squirrel proof feeders, hanging bird feeders, heavy duty cage feeders, feeders for trees, donut feeders, tube feeders, window feeders and metal mesh feeders. Not sure which feeder to get? Contact our experts now for some helpful advice, we can help you to buy the perfect feeder for your garden.

The best Window bird feeders - get up and close to nature

Window bird feeders make it much easier to view beautiful British garden birds up close. They are ideal for people with mobility problems or sight issues, as you can watch close up from the comfort of your kitchen table or sofa. Furthermore, these feeders offer a great opportunity to introduce children to the joys of nature. It can really help to develop an interest in the natural world whilst being easy accessible and safe for the birds and children.

Where should I look to place a window bird feeder?

It is advisible to place a feeder on a window which faces an area that is easily accessible and visible to garden birds. From the viewing perspective, it is best to place the feeders on a window that is easily viewed and in a room or area of the house or flat, which you pass by regularly.

What species of garden birds will it attract?

The great thing is that pretty much all varieites of birds that are typically attracted to bird feeders will feed from a window feeder. Of course, if you have a really small window feeder, then this may exlcude some large specices of birds. Just like humans, some birds are more inquisitive and bold, whilst others are more cautious or nervous. You will probably find some birds start feeding soon without any problem. Whilst other birds may be very skittish and revisit many times before eventually starting to feed.

What about squirrels?

Typically, window bird feeders are difficult for squirrels to break into or steal food from. This is because these feeders are usually smaller and also accessing a feeder stuck to a window can be more challening for the squirrel. However, as we all know, squirrels are very smart and we would never guarentee them to be 100% squirrel proof.

Should I be worried about Will birds flying into my windows?

Typically, window bird feeders do not usally increase the chance of garden birds flying into windows. It is actually said that window feeders can actually reduce the liklehood as birds will often fly into sparkly, clean windows or windows where they can see a reflection of the sky. By using a window feeder, it is more likley garden birds will approach the feeder cautiously and focus on the feeder and not be confused by any reflection in the glass, especially on a bright sunny day.

What about maintenance?

Window feeders, just like all other types of bird feeder, should ideally be cleaned regularly. This can help get rid of any harmful bacteria which may be lurking on the feeder.

Bird feeders for small birds

In an ideal world, you would want to attract all varities of garden birds and they would all interact harmoniously and each get their fair share of the delicious grub you have provided. However, in reality, this isn't usually the case. Whilst you will usually attract many species of birds, the larger, more aggresive birds like blackbirds, magpies, crows, starlings and parakeets, will often bully the smaller birds and devour all the food for themselves.

Whilst we woudl love to see our garden bird feeders enjoyed by all, we don't often like to see the smaller birds getting left out. Luckily, there are some feeders you can buy which can help redress the balance. This includes the following types of feeder:

Caged bird feeders

Purchasing a good quality caged bird feeder is often the best method of ensuring smaller birds can have peaceful, uninterupted access to the bird food. This type of feeder is essentially a regular feeder that has a metal cage wrapped around it, thus preventing larger birds from gettign in, whilst still being large enough for the smaller types of birds to access. The only downside is that these types of feeders aren't the most aesthetically pleasing and even some smaller birds can be a little hesitant to use them

Niger seed feeders

This is one for all you lovers of the lovely goldfinch! Niger seed is a tiny black thistle type seed that is a incredibly popular with goldfinches. The great thing is that many other larger birds simply don't like Niger seed and would probably rather eat anything else in all honesty. This means that you don't have to buy caged feeders which can look a little unsightly. The only downside is that this seed attracts a limited numbers of smaller birds and the niger seed iteself is expensive to buy, relative to other types of bird food.

Domed bird feeders

These feeders are usually just tray feeders with the addition of a plastic dome that slides up and down the metal rod connecting the base of the beeder to the hook at the top. The great thing is that many of these feeder are adjustable so you can alter the gap between the bottom of the dome and the top of the base of the tray, which allows you to decide which types of birds you want to allow to feed. The downside is that this type of feeder may not be as effective as the caged feeder, but can look less prison like!


By investing in a hanging wild bird feeder and feeding stations you will be helping wild birds. You will also be inviting a wide range of magnificent birds into your garden. Good quality wild bird food can help the birds survive and thrive when natural sources of food are scarce. This is often during the winter, but shortages can occur all year round, especially in urban areas.

There is nothing better than sitting in the comfort of your home whilst watching the activity at your feeders. With Greenfinches, great tits, blue tits, robins, Bullfinches and many other species to admire, your garden will be simply full of colour and life. Our range includes products from brands such as Gardman, Supa, Jacobi Jayne and Peckish.


Ordering online with Little Peckers is easy and everything you need will be delivered right to your door. If you require expert advice then our friendly team are always on hand to help you. In addition to our hand-picked collection of the best quality wild bird feeders we are also delighted to offer you great selection of bird tables, nesting boxes, bird baths and a huge range of the highest quality wild bird foods. In short, everything you need and more!

If you would like some further information about bird feeders, then this is a great article to look at.


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